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60 % of all local searches are done with a city -  example: “handyman lake worth”
42 % of all local searches are done with zip code - example: “handyman 33463”

To have effective local marketing you must be on the first page in all 3 ways that people search locally!
To market your business, the most effective way using local search you first need to understand how people use local search. Each age group and gender use their own specific ways to do a local search. There are 3 different ways to do local search.
1.They use a term with a zip code. for example, “local marketing 33463”
2. They use a term with a city, for example “AC repair Lantana”
3. They use a term only, for example “handyman service”
38 % of all local searches only use “search term” only - example:  “handyman”
A recent study was done showing:
You can also see that woman preferred using a city combined with a keyword and men preferred using a zip code with a keyword.
You can also see that the age group between 35 and 54 had the largest number of users who expected a result based only on using a keyword.
After you get your FREE web site and FREE mobile site we will take care of all the marketing needed to make sure your business listing shows up on the first page using a keyword only, a keyword with a city and a keyword with a zip code so you will have all bases covered.
This requires work to be done on a weekly basis. Submitting posts to blog and forums, local directories and submitting to more search engines.
Getting a FREE web site and mobile site is awesome, but unless it's marketed properly, it won’t get to the first page where people search for local businesses.
For a small monthly maintenance fee of $99 a month we will submit your free web site to directories, social media, forums, web sites and other search engines on a weekly basis to ensure it gets to and stays on the first page.  You won’t be charged a monthly maintenance fee until your listing shows up on the first page. There is no long term contract, so use the service as long as you like, you can cancel at any time.
There will also be an initial submission set-up fee of $99 to create all the accounts and listings we use to market your free web site. This payment will be due before free website and mobile site are created.
All free web sites, free mobile site and listings are the property of our local marketing service and will be removed if payment is not made when due.
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